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Do not buy LeTV 1S

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to make you aware that the LeTv 1s, which is a heavily marketed product by Flipkart is NOT using gorilla glass as everybody thinks it is, it is a cheap and fragile paper glass which can’t handle even a 2 feet drop. I had bought the phone on 8th of March and by 9th of March it had a shattered screen from a mere 2 feet drop. I have been using phones for quite some time, this is the first time the phone such a poor quality display has come along. I understand that physical damage is not covered under warranty, but I do expect from level of durability from a 11k phone.

The worst part is that Flipkart is defending a scam company and hiding negative reviews people are writing about the phone. So if they publish 20 reviews, they make sure 15 are good reviews and 5 are bad. I feel Flipkart is loosing it’s status as a company Indian’s trust because this is the phone that is been sold exclusively via Flipkart and it is of pathetic quality. Flipkart says that we do not have a policy of returning a product damaged by you, it’s like saying, we will sell a mobile with a display that an break if you keep 2 fingers on the screen at the same time, but hey, if it breaks, it’s damaged by you and we will not take it back.

Just wanted to warn everybody out there.

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