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Limesurvey Integeration

Hi Guys/Gals,

Today I am presenting to you the first module I wrote with an intention of releasing it to the community. Having experience with the LimeSurvey and drupal community, I am trying to link them with the most important thing to any survey taking software, user base.

Any business would have a front end website to the world, however from time to time business may want to ask it’s user some questions and exporting and importing users can be tiring and not to mention the fact that everyday many more users are added with equally important opinions.

So this module is simple syncing module that once set up would automatically send over any user that is not yet in the LimeSurvey installation (new or old) .

At this point the module is pretty basic and allows you to sync with only one survey. However, if you wish resync a new survey that you are conducting you can always clear the sync table and resyc it with a new survey.

The way this module works is simple, it basically checks for all users in the system and add to the cron queue the one’s which are not there in the limesurvey system.

Now, I am going to explain how can you install this on your drupal 7 installation. Since I haven’t yet applied for full project access, the project is still in sandbox, I want to develop it a bit more before applying for access. The URL of the project is

or you can download it directly from here.

LimeSurvey Integeration

Installation Instructions :

1 ) upload the files to the drupal 7 installation module directory, usually ( sites/all/modules/ ) or ( sites/all/modules/contrib/ ) . The full procedure is explained here Install

2) Enabled the modules using the module screen or drush. The drush command will be

drush en limesurvey_integeration --yes

OR the module screen

3) After the module is enabled, you need to put in the configuration settings for the limesurvey installation that you want to link to. To reach that screen you can use the configure option on the module screen or hit the url


Although the options are pretty simple , I will still walk through it.

Enable the sync -> As simple as it gets, enable or disable a module

Enter the Limesurvey URL : Simply add the URL to your installation upto admin with a trailing slash.

The survey ID : Enter the survey id with which you want to sync the users

User Name : Your username of limesurvey installation

Password : your password of limesurvey installation

Mappings : The module supports any additional field created at the drupal end to be mapped to fields at the limesurvey end.

Defaults : The module also allows to default fields to a specific value as per users requirement that will be entered in limesurvey upon successful completion.

Now before saving you need to ensure that proper settings are met in the lime survey. You need to enable the RPC interface under “interfaces” under the global settings


If you have everything correctly entered and RPC interface enabled under limesurvey you will see a confirmation status saying everything is ok , or else you will see appropriate error.

This module has been created keeping heavy traffic websites in mind, so instead of trying to send over all the new users over a single cron run, this module adds the users to be sent over in queue which is handled by drupal in a efficient manner .

That said, this module also has a status screen where you can see which users have been successfully sent over and which are not, along with a status.


Also, if you are done with one survey and you want take another survey, you just need to change the survey id at the configuration screen and clear the syncing table using


Please let me know if you used this module, for any problems, you can either leave a comment or just drop me a message using the contact me form or directly mail me at

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