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Google autocomplete address box in sugarCRM – As plug and play module

Hey, Sorry guys, I have been rather busy this past year, between jobs and such. But I finally found some time and converted the below post into a full fledge module. It works with the contacts/accounts/leads module and give the … Continue reading

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Google autocomplete address box in sugarCRM

Hi Guys and Gals, I have been developing on the sugarCRM and when I was recently going through the kind of data we have and the one thing I found very inconsistent in general were the addresses. Different people have … Continue reading

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Colleagues subpanel for Contacts in SugarCRM

Hi Guys and Gals, It’s been a very long time since my last blog post and the reason is that I have been busy learning SugarCRM at my work and to get it up and running in my company. One … Continue reading

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